PVCC Chuckle Bags is a club at Paradise Valley Community College.  PVCC Chuckle Bags is NOT JUST FOR STUDENTS, it is open to the members of the community.  PVCC Chuckle Bags is an entertainment group of the "artists" of various mediums and types.  We focus on Entertainment, Events, Costuming/Cosplay, Improv, Leadership, Education, Community, Outreach, Service, and More!  We want to bring smiles, laughter, and fun to PVCC and the surrounding Community as a whole!  Please come join us to brighten up your day!
Thank you!
Come Have A Chuckle With Us!

To get PVCC Chuckle Bags to your event or to come to you to teach a class, please email:  pvcc.cb@gmail.com

Paradise Valley Community College - Union Hills
18401 N. 32nd Street | Phoenix, AZ 85032 |
Meetings of the Chuckle Bags will be held on Thursdays from 4pm - 5:30pm at the Q Building, Room 171 on the northeast corner of 32nd Street and Grovers - parking in the lot on the northeast corner passed the stop light.
We want you!
PVCC Chuckle Bags is always looking for Presenters!
Would you like to show off your talents and your passions?
We would love to have you come and share what you know and love with us!

You can teach us about yourself or your group, your business, your product, your organizations, whether you are profit or not-for-profit, and much more.
You can teach us just about anything, like Cosplay, crafts, acting, theater, business, leadership, diversity, computers, photography, improv, dancing, games, art and so on!

We are all about community and getting to know each you and all that is available out there to learn and to do in Arizona.  As well as, how we can all work together to create a bigger, better, beloved community as we help one another out while we do so.

We would love to meet you and hear from you!

To know more, ask questions, or to set up a date, please email us at:  pvcc.cb@gmail.com








PVCC CB YouTube 
UZA and UZA Synyster Syn has Teamed up with PVCC Club PVCC Chuckle Bags.
We just did a Nightmare Before Christmas Dance with them. 

It was amazing and we look forward to working more with them!

We help sponsor The DJ, Lights, Decorations, Tickets, Flyers, Wristbands, Badges, MC Katt, Photo Booth, Videos, Time and Jack Skellington. 
Meet Sydoney A.A. Banks, an #outstanding PVCC student and#entrepreneur! Somehow she manages to do all kinds of events with PVCC Chuckle Bags and United Zombies of America UZA LLC Arizona and be a full-time student! We don't know how she does it! Check out the photo for her full story. 
#entrepreneurship #smallbusiness #startuplife


We are blessed to have Sydoney A.A. Banks 
as our leader and founder!
Syd is such a special person with big dreams!

UZA Comic #1 Excited for the Idea Museum 7/20/2017
UZA and UZA Synyster Syn Founder Sydoney Banks is taking ART 142 - Intro to Digital Photography with Instructor Alvin Jerry Sieve for the summer 2017 at PVCC.  The world of education is absolutely amazing.  Knowledge after you have learned it, is one thing that cannot be take away from you.  I am very thankful to finally have the opportunity to learn about the art of photography and all the equipment used to make interesting photographs and to have stunning, cooperative models as well.  Learning about photography is so cool and I have an amazing instructor.  I am learning and growing so much in these quickly passing summer months.  One of the best parts of this class is learning how the camera actually works, from the inside out.  Another important part of this class, is the photo shoot opportunities and the connections that you can make with others by having the photo shoots.  I have a blast on the photo shoots and I try to come up with creative and entertaining ideas, so that everyone involved will enjoy the experience.  My models are such terrific and special people and I love them so very much for wanting to take part in these activities.  I am so blessed to get to work with them and to get to know them individually as well as to have a lot of fun while learning.  I appreciate them so much for showing up on time and taking time from their busy schedules to help me with the photo shoots required by the class.  I am truly grateful for my models and their support of me as well as my fellow photographers and their friendship.

Thank you for your contribution to the PVCC 
Photo Shoots for summer 2017!
My Models:  Maggie Aguilera, Maria Camila Olave-Rodriguez, Sophia Smith, Kendall Yazzie, and Jesús Andrés Quintero Paredes.

PVCC Photo Shoot 2017

Killers/Horror 2017

More Photo's from Summer 2017!

To see even more amazing photos CLICK ME!


UZA at Mad Monster 2017!

UZA Zombies go to Mad Monster Arizona 2017.
UZA had a blast and an amazing time.
Mad Monster had UZA Zombies walking around.
We are so blessed to have had this opportunity.
UZA are big fans and supporters of Mad Monster. 
Mad Monster is an amazing event and they really do care about the people. 

Mad Monster has a loving and welcoming family vibe.
They go out of their way to put on such a great show.
  Compared to many big expensive Cons, Mad Monster delivers fun for all.

Be careful when going to any Events and Cons, learn about the event
and what you can get for your money and time.  Learn how they treat patrons, vendors, volunteers, etc., to see if you want to support them and their causes with your money.
Not all Cons are alike, so learn more so you know how your money is being used by Cons. Mad Monster is in it for the experience, fun, and fans.
Mad Monster is very good to the volunteers and staff; they treat you like family.
They really care about everything and everyone.
You can feel the love at Mad Monster.
This is one of the best Events in Arizona and UZA loves Mad Monster.
UZA had a blast walking around and meeting with all the people there.
We loved taking photos and giving high fives to those attending.

We even made new friends!

Thank you:  Mad Monster, Joe Moe, Cathie Neales-Mansfield, Seth Summers, 
the cast of "Night of The Living Dead", the Mad Monster Photographer and staff, and the 
UZA Amazing Team of Zombies and Helpers!

More more photo's Click me!

UZA with The Cast of Night of The Living Dead 
Judith O' Deal, Russell Streiner 

and John Russo.

 It was such an honor, and pleasure to have this surreal, and amazing opportunity! We love you guys! This was one of the highlights of Mad Monster was meeting you all. The Cast was so sweet and wonderful! Thank you Mad Monster, Cathie Neales-Mansfield, Seth Summers, Joe Moe, Cast of Night of The Living Dead, Photographer and UZA Amazing 
Team of Zombies and Helpers!

More more photo's Click me!


Photos by Erica Horihan

UZA and UZA Synyster Syn Founder 
Sydoney Banks Trip to LeaderShape. 

About  LeaderShape®
LeaderShape® is a community of individuals working to create a world that does not exist right now except in moments. 

The world we want to experience is where everyone leads with integrity and embraces living in possibility. Where anything is possible. Where everyone sees their own gifts and finds ways to use them for the greater good. We want to see our best selves. 

A few men in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity started LeaderShape® in the early 1980’s. Through many conversations in the basement of their headquarters, a vision was created to develop a week long immersion experience to help the men of that fraternity become better leaders. In the process of doing so, they realized that leadership is not just for Greek men, but also for everyone. With the development of the LeaderShape® Institute™ in 1986 and subsequent invitations to non-Greek participants, the decision was made to start a unique not-for-profit called LeaderShape® so that the program would not be seen as only for Greek students. They succeeded.

Ever since that period of time, LeaderShape® has grown through the recommendations of those that have participated in our programs. They shared their experience and invited others to participate as well. 

We are “about” bringing our vision to reality. We invite you to join us. 


LeaderShape 2017
Thank you all!

Sydoney was one of the few selected by the PVCC Student Life Center to have the opportunity to attend LeaderShape for spring 2017.  When Syd found out she was selected, she could not believe it.  To apply for LeaderShape you have to fill out paperwork and complete an interview with the selecting committee.  Syd was very nervous and anxious while waiting even though she did her best and she finally was selected and very grateful.  Retreat Week:  Sunday, May 21st - Friday, May 26th, 2017.  The retreat will take place at CGCC and ASU Polytechnic.  She wants to thank Mike Ho for selecting her and allowing her this unique and extra special opportunity to attend LeaderShape as a student representative for PVCC.

Mike, you are truly amazing and so supportive of me and I am very blessed and sincerely thankful to have you and everyone at PVCC Student Life involved with me and my student life while I attend PVCC.  I owe a lot to you, Mike Ho!  Thank you so very much!  Thank you also, Rowdy Duncan, for all your love and support!

Thank You Mike Ho! 


My Amazing Family Cluster We Are Groot!

I was blessed with such a special and outstanding Family Cluster at LeaderShape. 
I love you also much! I had an amazing time with you.
 I will hold on to my memories with you forever. 
We had the best mother, and Cluster leader of all Ila Washington. 

Ila I love you so much! Thank you Ila for all your hard work, love and support.
 You made We Are Groot so specail, and we had the best leader to guide us.
What a good looking group of such wonderful leaders.
I loved doing skits with you guys, and playing Tiffany's Grandmother.
I wish, and hope all your dreams come true.
Don't give up, and know you are loved.

Keep It Sexy! 

We are Groot Skits

Syd said this was such an amazing experience and she got very close to many others while they too were attending LeaderShape.  Syd learned a lot while at LeaderShape, but Syd found the relationships and bonds of fellowship and love to be the most rewarding.  Syd had a very rough day why she was away at LeaderShape, when she learned of an amazing woman’s passing away, who happened to be a very special friend of Syd’s family.  The loss was extra hard because she was away from home, but with the love and support of the group Syd made it through the loss.  I was very upset to have lost such an extraordinary human from the world, Ms. Windy West.  I had just seen her the weekend before LeaderShape and she appeared to be her fantastic self.  She was so awesomely amazing and a great leader herself; she was a kind, beautiful, inspiring human being.  She will be missed and will always remain close to my heart as well as and in the heart of UZA.  Our prayers and hearts go out to her family and the multitude of friends she had in the entertainment world.  You will always be carried with us, Windy.  It was such a fine privilege and honor to have the opportunity to meet you as well as to work with you and to be able to call you a friend.

Amazing Panel of Speakers

Hold on to this experience

Syd learned at LeaderShape how to be a successful leader and to use it for good and to make a real difference with positive social change.  Syd also learned life can be short and is very precious.  Relationships are so very special and you should make the best of those relationships while you have them, before they may be gone.  You really never know when you might lose them.  True friendship is difficult to find, but not impossible to have and you need to nourish it to keep it alive and healthy.  Humans are social beings and we need each other for healthy existences.  Dearly hold on to your friendships and never let go.  MAKE TIME FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVE ONES, FOR NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT!  To show up and share time is very important and means so much for everyone involved.  Make time to be involved in the lives of those you really care about.  Friendships are not just one-sided and only about you; they are about both you and your friend and that means giving of yourself as well as receiving of your friends.  Please enjoy life and be there for others, especially your loved ones and your friends.  Make new friends for they can last forever!

Getting Down at LeaderShape with Mo!
Mo had some pretty good dance moves.

LeaderShape know how to party!
So much fun, and helps keep the energy up!

Syd also learned to be a great leader is to be selfless, it is not about you, and it is about your team.  The leader is successful when their team is successful.  The worst type of leader is the one that is selfish and usually they care more about themselves then they care about their team.  These leaders use their power for selfishness or even for evil and often abuse their powers to get personal gain.  I have seen this type of leadership a lot and it has even happened to me in my life more times than I would like to recall.  Greed, pride, and power take over and the leader miss uses their leadership and the sad thing is that unaware followers will blindly follow the leader and never even know what is really going on.  I want to lead with integrity and be the best leader that I can and lead with my heart and my values for the benefit of my entire group’s success.  I want to build a beloved community and use positive social change for the betterment of my community as well as for the whole world around me.  I want to use my leadership for good and for positivity to assist others; to build them up so that we can all help ourselves as we also help enrich those around us that we come into contact with to build a beautiful, caring, resourceful, beloved community.

LeaderShape Fun

Eating Time

Sydoney performed several different activities that bonded her with all kinds of different people from many different schools, backgrounds, countries, and beliefs.  Syd had a blast and learned so much from everyone and everything they all did.  Syd also worked on her dream while there at LeaderShape; she wants to own her own haunted house, similar to the one that was in Utah, the legendary Rocky Point Haunted House.  She wants a haunted house that will help people and that will provide positive social changes and will teach youth and adults several various skills.  She wants a haunted house that is more than just a haunted house; one that will truly be a family for those that work in it, work for it, and for those that will attend it as well.  She wants to help others and to make a real positive difference in the haunted attraction industry for employees, actors, and even for patrons of the haunt.  Haunted attraction actors love what they do so much that they will put up with a lot, even when it is unfair and even wrong, and there is room for a lot of improvement for everyone.

Some of LeaderShape Activities

Syd learned so much and when it was time to go home it was hard to say goodbye and leave all those she had formed friendships with.  She hopes to stay in touch with her new LeaderShape family and some of them might even come to visit at some of UZA’s events and maybe even join her on this evolving mission to change the world for greatness and success.

We did it guys we graduated LeaderShape 2017!

I know the real James Bond!

James you did a fantastic job 
on your first LeaderShape!

LeaderShape Staff 2017

Thank you all so much for your hard work, Late nights, and lack of sleep, putting up with us, love, support, humor, personality, leadership, jokes, stories, strengths,
 time, energy, paperwork and everything else you did.
We could not have asked for a better team. You did an amazing job. 
I hope we all learned something. I hope we all go go out into the world, and use what we have learned, and make a difference.
 I hope we make you all proud.

UZA aka United Zombies of America is in need of some help with makeup supplies.Your help will benefit the Arizona Community and its youth.  UZA has been doing FREE Makeup for 5 years now.  We have done makeup classes, workshops, panels, and education for youth and all other age groups.  We love educating everyone on makeup and all the amazing things it can be done for and to enhance.  We do not charge to do makeup education so that those who cannot afford it can still have the opportunity to learn.  We also come to community events dressed up usually as zombies, but also as many other characters as well.  We are running low on some of the makeup we use most often and would like to purchase more to have enough to use as needed for our upcoming events and activities.  The funds we raise will go to makeup.  We love what we do and want to continue to make a difference for others and to touch the lives of many.  Please Help us out, so we can keep moving forward and bring joy and fun to our beloved community.  We are looking at buying the makeup as soon as we can.  This help would mean the world to us and will also let us know that we are loved and supported by our local community.  We love helping and giving and we could use the help so that we can give it all back to what we love doing for others and that is all of you.  God bless you and we are so grateful for any amount or support.  Nothing is too small because a lot of small amounts adds up and it all counts!  THANK YOU!!  If you don't know whatUnited Zombies of America aka UZA is you can find out more about us at http://www.united-zombies-of-america.com/

Donate Now at

or at 

Microsoft Learning Tools: Education and TechnologyOne in five students struggle with dyslexia, which can affect their ability to read, write and participate in class. Microsoft Learning Tools is software that helps improve reading skills by reducing visual crowding, highlighting words, and reading text aloud, so students can engage with words in a whole new way.

See how technology and education come together to empower young minds to do more.



This will benefit our community and families.
UZA needs some funding help for a special event.
We need to get some costumes, props, and supplies.
We don't like asking for help but money is tight and 

we want to do an amazing job for this family event.
We will need it by the begging of June. 

We would really love the help and it would be such
a blessing. We would love your support!
Any amount we will be grateful for. We do so much for our beloved community and want to keep going and making a difference in the world. Help us help others.

If any questions please go to 

We are a small family owned business and pay for everything out of pocket. Makeup and gear get's really expensive. We have big dreams and goals for United Zombies of America & UZA Synyster Syn and really need help with backing. We are always looking for any kind of help with donations.

You can donate at our website at


THP 151 
2nd Annual Tall Tale Competition

PVCC Spring Festival of Tales 2017.
THP 151: Theatre For Youth Spring 2017.
Theatre For Youth 2nd Annual Taller Tale Competition performance. The play was written by Class THP 151: Theatre For Youth Spring 2017. Director/Instructor Dr. Craig Kosnik, PhD.
Photo's by Dr. Craig Kosnik, PhD. 

Cast Class THP 151: Theatre For Youth Spring 2017.


Video by UZA Synyster Syn Photography, Video and DJ.