United Zombies of America and UZA Synyster Syn is doing the Best Christmas Attraction and Best Christmas Light Display in Arizona 2015!  Do you think you have what it takes to win? 

The winners will get a certificate saying they are the best from yours truly - UZA and Synyster Syn!  We will put up photos and video of your display or attraction as long as they are family friendly on our website and other social media.  Depending on how far away from us you are, we might even come out and get an interview with you and video/photos of your display or attraction.  (If we cannot get to you we still want to have an interview with you via skype.)  You will also get an icon award saying you are the Best Christmas Display or Best Christmas Attraction in Arizona 2015 by UZA and Synyster Syn that you can use!  UZA and Synyster Syn love Christmas and it is a time of magic, family, friends, fun, love, goodwill, and light, lots and lots of lights! 
You also win the best prize of all "bragging rights" that you are a winner and also #1!  

We will be judging on Christmas Spirit, Creativity, Originality, Overall Design and Entertainment Value for Best Christmas Attraction and Best Christmas Light Display in Arizona 2015.

Good Luck, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Light display – Defined as a home of any kind decorated with colored lights and may have displays.  

Christmas Attraction –  Defined as An area that has an interactive light display and displays, this can be described a but not limited to, a home lit up with Christmas lights a Santa Claus giving out candy canes.  Another description can be a light display that is choreographed to Christmas Lights and Christmas music, with displays and more.

Contest Ends December-14-2015