PVCC Chuckle Bags is a club at Paradise Valley Community College.  PVCC Chuckle Bags is NOT JUST FOR STUDENTS, it is open to the members of the community.  PVCC Chuckle Bags is an entertainment group of the "artists" of various mediums and types.  We focus on Entertainment, Events, Costuming/Cosplay, Improv, Leadership, Education, Community, Outreach, Service, and More!  We want to bring smiles, laughter, and fun to PVCC and the surrounding Community as a whole!  Please come join us to brighten up your day!
Thank you!
Come Have A Chuckle With Us!

To get PVCC Chuckle Bags to your event or to come to you to teach a class, please email:  pvcc.cb@gmail.com

Paradise Valley Community College - Union Hills
18401 N. 32nd Street | Phoenix, AZ 85032 |
Meetings of the Chuckle Bags will be held on Thursdays from 4pm - 5:30pm at the Q Building, Room 171 on the northeast corner of 32nd Street and Grovers - parking in the lot on the northeast corner passed the stop light.
We want you!
PVCC Chuckle Bags is always looking for Presenters!
Would you like to show off your talents and your passions?
We would love to have you come and share what you know and love with us!

You can teach us about yourself or your group, your business, your product, your organizations, whether you are profit or not-for-profit, and much more.
You can teach us just about anything, like Cosplay, crafts, acting, theater, business, leadership, diversity, computers, photography, improv, dancing, games, art and so on!

We are all about community and getting to know each you and all that is available out there to learn and to do in Arizona.  As well as, how we can all work together to create a bigger, better, beloved community as we help one another out while we do so.

We would love to meet you and hear from you!

To know more, ask questions, or to set up a date, please email us at:  pvcc.cb@gmail.com








PVCC CB YouTube 
UZA and UZA Synyster Syn has Teamed up with PVCC Club PVCC Chuckle Bags.
We just did a Nightmare Before Christmas Dance with them. 

It was amazing and we look forward to working more with them!

We help sponsor The DJ, Lights, Decorations, Tickets, Flyers, Wristbands, Badges, MC Katt, Photo Booth, Videos, Time and Jack Skellington. 


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